ProAcTA: Events

IPPA Workshops in Pittsburgh, 26 - 28 June 2018


ProAcTA will be present at the International Workshops on Public Policy in Pittsburgh this year. The workshop “Bringing Policy Actors Back In: Relevance and Prospects of Actor-Centered Approaches in Policy Studies“ is led by Joseluis Mendez and Patrick Hassenteufel. Within this workshop, the ProAcTA team members will present theoretical, methodological, and interdisciplinary advances of the Programmatic Action Framework (PAF). 

Furthermore, the ProAcTA team plans a special focus on the PAF in the international journal “European Policy Analysis“ to be published in spring 2019. Appropriate papers will be solicited from the workshop in Pittsburgh and possibly a call for papers. One of the goals is to publish coherent and mature guidance for scholars that want to apply the PAF in their field of interest.

Besides the workshop, the ProAcTA team uses the opportunity of a meeting in Pittsburgh to talk about the progress of the ongoing research process and how to address potential challenges that arise.

Initial Project Meeting Before Official Start of ProAcTA


From March 27 to 30, the German project partners welcomed their French and Canadian friends to Braunschweig. Three intensive work days aimed at clarifying challenges before the official start of the project and to get to know the new project members who had not yet participated in the formulation of the project. Consequently, the work meeting started with a short introduction to the project and the team and the distribution of project coordination tasks.

In the evenings, the project members used their time to strengthen their friendship and spend time together. Besides the core members of the ProAcTA team, members of the German team at the Chair of Comparative Politics and Public Policy enriched the evening social events. The team members enjoyed the time away from their hard work, but not without discussing further project-related meetings, steps forward, and plans for mutual visits. 

To conclude, all team members are enthusiastically looking forward to the future steps of the project and more intense cooperation. We are confident that our joint project will benefit us both personally and academically while bringing new insights to the health policy field.


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Comparative Politics and Public Policy

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